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NHL Playoffs Conn Smythe Winner Odds

The 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway, and no better time to discuss the Conn Smythe Winner than during the 1st round! Who is looking good enough to win the 2012 NHL Playoff MVP award?

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EA Sports NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: Quarterfinals

EA Sports predicts the quarterfinal winners of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. EA Sports’ NHL ’12 Simulator tells you what hockey team to bet on. They ran their pixilated players through a digital quarter final, and the results are in.

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Stanley Cup Champions in the Salary Cap Era

Ever since the NHL lockout of 2004-2005, the formula of building a Stanley Cup Champion has changed. No longer can the richest NHL franchises buy a Stanley Cup winner. Teams now have to deal with new rules within the salary cap era.

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The 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are here, and so are the NHL Playoff Promotions from BetOnHockey and Sports Interaction.

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2012 Stanley Cup Finals Exact Matchup Odds

The winner of the NHL Western Conference and the winner of the NHL Eastern Conference will make up the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final. Who will playing for the 2012 Stanley Cup?

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The Milbury Column

Dave Cunning shares his take on NHL analyst Mike Milbury. Comments on all topics from the Yashin and DiPietro contracts, to sideshow comments on NBC.

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NHL Hockey Futures Betting: 2012 Stanley Cup Odds

The quest for the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup begins on Wednesday April 11. Here is a lost of the NHL hockey future betting odds from Bodog. Stanley Cup winner odds. Eastern Conference winner odds. Western Conference winner odds.

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NHL Draft Lottery Odds

The worst teams in the NHL are gambling with the NHL Lottery for a chance to select 1st overall in the NHL Entry Draft. This weighted lottery system also determines the order of all NHL teams selection for the first 14 picks of the NHL Entry Draft.

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