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Ryan's Rant - My First Game Day

In this 'Ryan's Rant', Terry Ryan tells the story about his first game day in junior hockey. The start of an NHL career.

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Ryan's Rant - Quesnel, BC

In this 'Ryan's Rant', Terry Ryan talks about leaving home at a young age to play junior hockey.

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What's Up In Van City - By Ajay Baines

Prior to the start of this NHL season, a lot of so-called media experts and fans were picking the Vancouver Canucks to win the 2011 Stanley Cup.  In fact, 7 of the 8 writers in the Hockey News picked the 'Nucks to win it all.  I thought this was unfair pressure to put on a Canadian team, that I felt had no real edge over any of the other top teams …

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Ryan's Rant - Hockey Is The Toughest Game

In this 'Ryan's Rant', Terry Ryan tells us why hockey is the toughest game in the world.

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Bet And Win More Than Just Beers

Do you like to bet on hockey games with your buddies? Bet who wins the game. What are the usual stakes? Loser has to pick up the tab. In the end when you win the bet, you also win a big hangover the next morning. Winning the bragging rights feels good, but winning some cash in your pocket would feel better. So, if you are tired of winning beers o…

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Ryan's Rant - Kids Should Only Have Fun

In the 'Ryan's Rant', Terry Ryan shares his opinion on why kids need to have fun playing sports.

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Ryan's Rant - Concussions and Accountability

In this 'Ryan's Rant', Terry Ryan shares his opinion on concussions and head shots in the game of hockey. Players need accountability, including the NHL.

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Stanley Cup 2011 pro picks

The Bet on Hockey Ice Hockey pro's make predictions for the 2011 Stanley Cup winners

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