Vancouver Riot 2011

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There was a riot downtown Vancouver following the Canucks and Bruins game 7 Stanley Cup Final.

BetOnHockey Vancouver Riot Flag Fire 350x226.jpgAlmost 150 people required hospital treatment overnight as rioters swept through downtown Vancouver. 

The riots damage includes vehicles damaged, overturned and set ablaze. Business windows smashed and looted. Also many fights in the streets. Damage is estimated to be over 2 million dollars. Nine police officers were also injured

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said “organized hoodlums bent on creating chaos incited the riot” and noted the city proved with the 2010 Winter Olympics that it could hold peaceful gatherings. “They were here to make trouble and they succeeded,” Robertson said.

This riot is a result of a small group of people that had premeditated, deliberate intent. There were reports of bottles containing gasoline brought downtown to set planned fires. Also reports of a truck that was drove downtown for the sole purpose of vandalizing it.

On the less violent side, there were some that chose to ‘make love, not war’.

BetOnHockey Make Love Not War Riot 350x226.jpgThe 2011 Vancouver riot was reminiscent of the 1994 riot that erupted downtown after game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Canucks and the New York Rangers.

The main response from Vancouver and BC residents has been one devastation and  embarrassment. 

The main thing to remember is that Vancouver is a beautiful city, with respectful hockey fans.

The individuals involved with this riot are not ‘fans’ and do not represent the city of Vancouver or Canada.






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