NHL Betting: Stars Set To Defend Pacific Division Lead versus Coyotes

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Though it hasn’t made headlines like some other divisions in the league, the Western Conference’s Pacific Division has proved itself just as intriguing as any other on the NHL betting line. This Tuesday the current leader Dallas Stars will look to defend the honor against the second-place Phoenix Coyotes.


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Led by a convoy of 50-plus-point players, the Stars have established themselves as a threat in the West, especially so if they can hang on for the home-ice advantage inherent with a division crown. Should they manage to keep pace in the conference, they’ll be looking at their first postseason berth since 2008.

According to Bovada’s NHL odds makers, the Stars have 30/1 odds of winning the Stanley Cup. For comparison’s sake, they sit tied with division mate Los Angeles and ahead of aforementioned Phoenix (40/1). 

The figures may pale in comparison to those of the heavyweights in the Atlantic and Central Divisions, but it doesn’t make the thrill of the betting line any less intriguing. When Phoenix and Dallas drop the puck in their head-to-head, the stakes will be as high as ever.

Think Dallas can hang on to pole position in the Pacific Division? The final stretch starts now. Bet on the NHL today.


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