EA Sports NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: Quarterfinals

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EA Sports predicts the quarterfinal winners of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.




EA Sports’ NHL ’12 Simulator tells you what hockey team to bet on. They ran their pixilated players through a digital quarter final, and the results are in.

EA SPORTS Predicts Outcome of NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Quarterfinals

Devils and Blackhawks Provide Upsets in First Round

April 10, 2012 – EA SPORTS™ today announced the NHL®12 predictions for the first round matchups of the 2012 Stanley Cup® Playoffs. The EA SPORTS NHL® simulation engine correctly predicted the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks as Stanley Cup Champions, the 2011 Stanley Cup Final matchup and the result of 13 of the 15 playoff matchups during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The NHL 12 computerized simulation is conducted using artificial intelligence that uses real-life data from each team, such as player ratings and line combinations, and includes variances such as injuries and hot streaks to predict a realistic outcome of each game and series. 


EA SPORTS NHL®12 Conference Quarterfinals Predictions:


Western Conference

(1) Canucks defeat (8) Kings; 4-2

Canucks win series 4-2

(2) Blues defeat (7) Sharks; 4-2

Blues win series 4-2

(6) Blackhawks defeat (3) Coyotes; 4-1

Blackhawks win series 4-1

(4) Predators defeat (5) Red Wings; 4-3

Predators win series 4-3

Eastern Conference

(1) Rangers defeat (8) Senators; 4-1

Rangers win series 4-1

(2) Bruins defeat (7) Capitals; 4-0

Bruins win series 4-0

(6) Devils defeat (3) Panthers; 4-3

Devils win series 4-3

(4) Penguins defeat (5) Flyers; 4-3

Penguins win series 4-3


EA SPORTS NHL®12 Conference Quarterfinals Statistics Predictions

Offensive Leaders

Player Goals Assists Points

Evgeni Malkin 6 3 9

Sidney Crosby 2 6 8

Claude Giroux 3 5 8

Henrik Sedin 1 6 7

Jonathan Toews 3 4 7

Goaltending Leaders (ranked by SV%)

Player Wins GAA SV% Shutouts

Henrik Lundqvist 4 1.40 0.953 1

Jaroslav Halak 3 1.60 0.944 2

Pekka Rinne 4 2.28 0.928 0

Roberto Luongo 4 1.73 0.927 1

Tim Thomas 4 2.25 0.916 0


What do you think? Is the machine right? I have to say, I agree with most of them – I think the Flyers/Penguins is a crap-shoot, and I’m hoping LA can pull off an upset. Everything else, I’m cool with.

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