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By Dave Cunning

Cunning Comments: Sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, the Rick Nash trade rumours, Gary Bettman on NHL XM Radio, and the app.


Bet_On_Hockey_Phoenix_Coyotes.jpgReported rumors are saying that the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison is imminent. 

Though not confirmed as of this posting, the deal would effectively end the three year saga of the Coyotes’ ownership. The sale is supposedly in the neighborhood of $170 million bucks. What’s interesting is that the NHL bought the struggling franchise from bankruptcy court for $140 million, so the league is standing to profit $30 million from the sale. The profit will reportedly “help the value of other franchises”, whatever that means. The Coyotes reportedly lose 20 to 25 million dollars a year (you mean, giving away game tickets with the purchase of a six-pack of Pepsi at local 7/11’s isn’t turning a profit for the team?), so I suppose it would go towards recouping some of those losses. 

This sale would also effectively squash the hopes of cities like Seattle (whom are rumored to be building a new arena to support an NHL franchise), Quebec City, and Hamilton, landing the team. Lucky for them, Dallas, Florida, the New York Islanders, Tampa Bay, Columbus, and New Jersey all are still in the conversation of NHL clubs that may be ripe for relocation. 


In a much shorter saga.... Rick Nash is still a Blue Jacket, for now. More rumors say that the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers are out of the running, and that the LA Kings have emerged the front runner. Nothing is done until it’s done though, and other rumors say Nash may not be traded before the deadline at all – in favor of spurring a deal in the off-season. If that were to happen, this year’s NHL trade deadline hoopla would become the biggest news story bust of all-time. So just keep that in mind, Mr. Nash.


Bet_On_Hockey_NHL_Gary_Bettman.jpgDid you know you that Gary Bettman hosts a radio show called the NHL Hour on XM Radio, and that you can call in and ask him questions live on the air? I’m a new XM subscriber, and I found this out recently. I think for possibly being the professional sports commissioner that takes the most heat from the fans of his sport, it’s awfully big of him to put himself out there like that. NHL Bettman is on the airwaves from 4-5 p.m. ET Call 1-877-NHL-ON-XM (1-877-645-6696) or e-mail to ask questions or share your comments. No word whether you’ll get screened if you have an inflammatory question or comment, but it’s worth a shot if you really wanna tell Gary what you think about him. 








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