2012 Stanley Cup Finals Exact Matchup Odds

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The winner of the NHL Western Conference and the winner of the NHL Eastern Conference will make up the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final.


Who will playing for the 2012 Stanley Cup?

The Vancouver Canucks and the Pittsburgh Penguins have the best odds to meet in The Cup Finals at 7/1.

The worst odds to meet in The Cup Finals would be the Phoenix Coyotes versus Ottawa Senators at 400/1.


Who do you think will be playing for the Stanley Cup in June? 

Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins                           45/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Florida Panthers                        175/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs New Jersey Devils                     100/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs New York Rangers                    25/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Ottawa Senators                       180/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Flyers                    65/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Pittsburgh Penguins                  25/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Washington Capitals              140/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins                              40/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Florida Panthers                         150/1

Detroit Red Wings vs New Jersey Devils                        90/1

Detroit Red Wings vs New York Rangers                        20/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Ottawa Senators                        170/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Philadelphia Flyers                       55/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins                     20/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Washington Capitals                     125/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Boston Bruins                              70/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Florida Panthers                         250/1

Los Angeles Kings vs New Jersey Devils                       165/1

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers                       35/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Ottawa Senators                         300/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Philadelphia Flyers                       100/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Pittsburgh Penguins                     35/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Washington Capitals                    200/1

Nashville Predators vs Boston Bruins                             40/1

Nashville Predators vs Florida Panthers                       165/1

Nashville Predators vs New Jersey Devils                     100/1

Nashville Predators vs New York Rangers                      22/1

Nashville Predators vs Ottawa Senators                       175/1

Nashville Predators vs Philadelphia Flyers                      60/1

Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins                    22/1

Nashville Predators vs Washington Capitals                   125/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Boston Bruins                                100/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Florida Panthers                             400/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs New Jersey Devils                         250/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs New York Rangers                         55/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Ottawa Senators                             400/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Philadelphia Flyers                         150/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Pittsburgh Penguins                       50/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Washington Capitals                       300/1

San Jose Sharks vs Boston Bruins                                55/1

San Jose Sharks vs Florida Panthers                             225/1

San Jose Sharks vs New Jersey Devils                        140/1

San Jose Sharks New York Rangers                              30/1

San Jose Sharks vs Ottawa Senators                             250/1

San Jose Sharks Philadelphia Flyers                              80/1

San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins                       30/1

San Jose Sharks vs Washington Capitals                       175/1

St. Louis Blues vs Boston Bruins                                     20/1

St. Louis Blues vs Florida Panthers                                75/1

St. Louis Blues vs New Jersey Devils                             50/1

St. Louis Blues vs New York Rangers                            11/1

St. Louis Blues vs Ottawa Senators                                90/1

St. Louis Blues vs Philadelphia Flyers                            30/1

St. Louis Blues vs Pittsburgh Penguins                          10/1

St. Louis Blues vs Washington Capitals                          65/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins                            14/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Florida Panthers                        55/1

Vancouver Canucks vs New Jersey Devils                      35/1

Vancouver Canucks vs New york Rangers                      15/2

Vancouver Canucks vs Ottaw Senators                          65/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Philadelphia Flyers                     22/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Pittsburgh Penguins                   7/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Washington Capitals                   45/1



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