Betting On NHL Headlines

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By Dave Cunning


A few random thoughts and bets on the current state of the NHL....


BetOnHockey_Jagr_Salute_250x268.jpgSo Jaromir Jagr finally scored his first NHL goal since 2008....and then he saluted after he scored.  Twice.  I’m all for a little showmanship in hockey, but I feel like if Arron Asham had to apologize for celebrating after his K.O. of Jay Beagle, Double J should have to say sorry for those goal salutes as well.  I think it’s only fair.

BET: No apology.  More goals. And salutes. 









BetOnHockey_Pronger_Eye_250x200.jpgSeriously Chris Pronger, just put on a visor already.  The fact that NHL players still refuse to wear face protection, and continue to willingly leave themselves open to eye injuries in the name of tradition or whatever is just the most obtuse debate.  You can see through visors just fine.  You wore something covering your face for the first decade of your hockey career at least, and you seem to have made it just fine.  I just don’t buy that angle anymore.  It’s blatant stupidity at this point.  Yeah, guys have to control their sticks, but players with functioning brains have to control theirs as well and keep themselves safe. 

BET:  Pronger comes back with a visor, then takes it off before the end of the season. 



BetOnHockey_Nugent_Hopkins_Scores_250x194.jpgI don’t think it’s a stretch to draw similarities of the dynasty Edmonton Oilers of the 80’s to the current product.  Both teams have extremely young and talented players leading the charge.  And it took the old Oilers 4 years of playing together to win their first Cup.  So if we started this year, and we gave Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and the rest of them the next 4 four years to develop together, I don’t think it’s that crazy to call them potential Cup contenders by the end of the curve.  Those kids are gonna be good.    

BET: A 6th Cup in Edmonton.  Eventually.




BetOnHockey_Doughty_Contract_250x215.jpgNow that Drew Doughty’s contractually locked into the LA Kings for the long-haul, how many of the next 8 years will he spend making awkward hallway-walk-by smiles and eye contact with Kings management, do you think?

And further, how awkward do you think Canadian Thanksgiving was/how awkward do you think American Thanksgiving will be at the Staal household this year, considering Marc's career threatening concussion he got from big brother Eric and all?





BetOnHockey_Heatley_Helmet_250x284.jpgI think I’ve finally made peace with the numbers on the front of NHL helmets thing. When I heard about them, I thought they’d look stupid and it they were unnecessary.  Then I saw them, and was lukewarm to them; thinking it kinda looked like their buckets were on backwards or something.  And now I’m just neutral towards them.  With 4 -5 sets of numbers on jerseys already (depending if the team has numbers on the front of their uniform like Dallas, etc), I don’t see how another, smaller set of numerals will be a game-changer in point and penalty identification, but whatever.

BET:  They stick. 












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