2012 NHL Stanley Cup Winner Predictions

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The 2011-2012 NHL hockey season starts today, and so does every teams journey towards hockey’s holy grail, the Stanley Cup. It is hard to predict who will win the NHL Stanley Cup. It is a long journey and it is known as the hardest trophy to win in professional sports. 


Bet On Hockey Stanley Cup Playoffs 150x130.jpg30 teams. 

82 regular season games.

4 best-of-seven series.

1 Stanley Cup Champion. 


There are many Stanley Cup predictions out there, many by reputable analysts and some by everyday average fans. Obviously some opinions hold a lot more weight than others. When considering betting on Stanley Cup future odds follow advice from people that know.  

Here are the BetOnHockey.com professional hockey players predictions. These guys know what it takes to play hockey at its highest level, and newcomer Chris ‘Knuckles’ Nilan actually knows what it takes to win the Stanley Cup. As he was part of the Stanley Cup winning Montreal Canadians in 1986!


Here is a list of all our players and their predictions. 


Pittsburgh_Penguins_BetOnHockey.gifMontreal_Canadians_BetOnHockey.gifBrad Leeb - Pittsburgh Penguins

8/1 odds

Ajay Baines - Chicago Blackhawks

16/1 odds

Terry Ryan - Pittsburgh Penguins

8/1 odds

Vancouver_Canucks_BetOnHockey.gifLos_Angeles_Kings_BetOnHockey.gifJimmy Waite - (no pick)

0/0 odds

‘NHL Expert’ - Vancouver Canucks 

6/1 odds

Daniel Tkaczuk - Los Angeles Kings

16/1 odds

Chris 'Knuckles Nilan' - Los Angeles Kings

16/1 odds

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